Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train!

We’ve long been fans of ‘In The Night Garden’ and even thought Florence is really and truly past the stage it is aimed at she will still watch (on occasion) with Jimmy who is thoroughly into it! Personally I think the programme is very good for lots of reasons and one of them is that it is a calming down signal for just before bed. It is gentle yet thought provoking for little minds and always with a good moral. […]

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The Happy’s!

We have been playing with a brand new product from Flair this week and it’s proven a rather big hit with both Florence AND Jimmy!   The Happy’s are interactive, faithful and furry friends who play with their owner using Infrared Technology. Each pet comes with a treat which has a button to press to engage the infared technology. We were sent Mittens who comes with a fish and using it to pull her along she will walk with you or […]

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In Good Hands: When Kids Can Plan a Trip to Orlando

Orlando is the dream destination for those looking for an unforgettable family holiday. But how can you make sure that your trip is fabulous for everyone in the family? Once you’ve bought your flights to Orlando, you should let your kids have a hand in arranging the activities. With that in mind here are some suggestions to give them some inspiration. Orlando is famed for its theme parks, and especially for those devoted to the world of film. Older kids […]

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Summer Memories – Centre Parcs Family Bloging Club August Challenge!

The August challenge with Tots 100 to become a member of the Centre Parcs Family Blogging Club is all about sharing favourite family moments from the summer! We’ve been having such a stonking holiday that I couldn’t wait to get started and take part for the very first time! We’ve never been to Centre Parcs before and I know we’d all love it; It would be the perfect thing to look forward to now that summer holiday blues are imminent… Steph Tilley, the […]

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Pleasurewood Hills 2014!

Last year we went to Pleasurewood Hills in Norfolk to celebrate their thirty year anniversary! We loved our trip last summer and wanted to go back for an update visit this year too. I have actually been going myself since I was a child when it was a relatively new park and I remember only fun times and happy days when there. It’s not as swish as some of the bigger parks across the UK and it doesn’t have a […]

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Barbie Sings!

Yesterday we trekked across London and out the other side over multiple stair cases with lots of baggage and a buggy and we missed lots of trains along the way just as we got to the platform. It was one of THOSE journeys! I even, at one point, went up a set of stairs only to find I needed to be right back at the bottom of them… Sigh! I’d started to wonder if where we were going was going […]

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Yesterday we went off to London Zoo to meet a very special creature indeed! It was annual weigh in day for the residents and we wondered if they would also weigh Xeno the Interactive Baby Moster who was having his official launch party amongst the rest of the animals! We’ve met Xeno before a few times; over the July press shows in advance of Christmas we probably saw him at most we visited which tells me he is going to be […]

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Spicy Bean Burgers and Bean Balls With Spaghetti!

I do eat meat but I often choose a vegetarian alternative, especially when it comes to mince dishes. I’m not keen on cooking with mince myself, something about the look of it makes me shudder and aside from proper American style burgers in a restaurant I probably could live without it entirely. At the weekend we went to the Lollibop Festival where we enjoyed some really delicious veggie versions of meat balls made with chick peas and it inspired me […]

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A Toothy Moan!

I love the fact that we have an NHS service and am forever grateful that we don’t have to worry about medical bills because we know we will be taken care of no matter what our financial circumstances – eventually. Everybody receiving NHS care is treated the same and this is the kind of world I want to be living in. I have to point out then that this moan is certainly not about the NHS as a service. Instead […]

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A Swim With Huggies!

Last month we were invited to a swim call with Huggies Swim Nappies and at the last minute we just couldn’t make it which was such a shame. I’d hurt my back and it was my birthday the next day so we just decided to miss it so that I could have a little rest. It was such a shame as I was super looking forward to a swim just Jimmy and me as we don’t get to do too […]

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