WIN £100 Of ELC Christmas Goodies With This Christmas Cracker Competition!

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With the festive season fast approaching, Early Learning Centre is helping spread Christmas cheer by revealing little ones’ favourite cracker jokes. A short film, available on, captures the children’s cute joke telling and hilarious reactions. The video marks the launch of Early Learning Centre’s Christmas gifts featuring a collection of top toys designed to ignite children’s imaginations and encourage learning through play, with toys such as the Sing-Along CD Player, Wooden Farmhouse Kitchen and Big City Wooden Train Table. […]

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Heinz Chilli Sauce Off!

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On Tuesday night, after a hospital procedure which meant I couldn’t really eat for three days prior to it, I headed into central London for a spot of cookery competition at L’Atelier Des Chefs on Wigmore Street. Heinz have recently launched a range of chilli sauces which they sent me to try and then use for the recipe I was to cook at the event. From the Jerk BBQ, Fiery Sriracha, Sweet Chilli, Per Peri and Hot Chilli I decided […]

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Where Does Meat Come From Mummy?!

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It’s not that I’ve deliberately gone out of my way to try and pull the wool over my children’s eyes when it comes to the truth about meat but there’s never really been a great opportunity or opening for me to explain things properly; because of this, their view seems to be somewhat skewed. I suppose when Florence was teeny tiny, under two I think and on the way back from a play group, I had one moment in time […]

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Better Than A Warburtons Crumpet!

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What could be better than a Warburtons crumpet? They’re thick, unctuously soft, toast to perfection with a crisp top all the while staying fluffy in the middle… I’d go a long way for one I can tell you! Supermarket own brands do quite well on lots of products, they do! I swear some simply MUST be made in the same factory by the same people but… There are a few items which you HAVE to have the branded goods for and Warburtons […]

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Always Incontinent?!

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I wouldn’t say that bladder control is something I’ve ever had a particularly strong hold over. I don’t think I have a major problem but basically, when I need to go… I NEED to go! I remember one time, way before children, running with Jonny to catch the last District Line train home and I suddenly needed a wee. I shouted to him that if I got on we’d be stuffed but he hadn’t really experienced this side of me […]

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Halloween At Asda!

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A couple of week’s ago I found the perfect costume for Jimmy’s Halloween fancy dress! A thick warm onesie with glow in the dark skeleton bones and some socks with skeleton bone feet to go with it. The onesie cost a tenner and the socks were a bargainous £1 in Asda and he’s utterly thrilled with the costume. It’s not halloween until the end of this week but he’s been wearing his costume lots already and actually, I think it […]

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Eh Oh Teletubbies – The Premiere!

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It’s time to say Eho Oh again and time indeed for Teletubbies as they hit our screens in their big 2015 come back! Teletubbies was first broadcast back in 1997. Amazingly, considering I was 17 at the time, I remember it well. I guess it was one of those shows that the students watched as well or perhaps it was just me? I don’t think so though, my friend Angela was definitely a fan too and she bought me a […]

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I have to say that when I was invited along to find out all about EasiYo yogurt makers I was rather skeptical. You see yogurt is fairly inexpensive in the supermarket and the idea of making my own as an alternative sounded like it might be rather a faff too far for me! However, I’m open to finding out about new things and wanted to go along and see for real why people buy yet another gizmo gadget to store in their kitchens […]

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What Happens When Girls Are Free To Imagine They Can Be Anything?!

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I know some parents who have a problem with fashion dolls being played with by their children and although I can understand the reasons they choose to have that opinion, I’m afraid I can’t quite agree. Ok, so perhaps the figures aren’t EXACT as to a real human body but then neither are lots of other toys or cartoon characters and I can’t help but think it’s all a bit overkill and all a little bit worrying about something they […]

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Fireman Sam Safety Month!

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I’m sure most of us have heard about poor Claudia Winkleman’s daughter who last year, at Halloween, was wearing a flammable dressing up costume which came into contact with a naked flame. Of course it wasn’t her parent’s fault, we ALL dress our children up in these sort of fabrics at this time of year, but before that it probably wasn’t on most of our radars quite how dangerous it could be. Claudia has worked very hard to talk about […]

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