A Sucking Good Cover!

Ever since I got my iPhone I’ve been terrified that I will break it and have been meaning to get it some sort of cover to protect the screen. I want something novel and a little bit different but can’t ever find anything that fits the 5C (which is obviously what I have) or if they do then I don’t really like them… I actually don’t like my phone at all truth be told and can’t wait to get upgraded. […]

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What Do You Do For Advent?

You might have noticed that this blog has all gone a bit festive of late! I LOVE Christmas and the build up is, for me, the best bit. I often talk about how a Friday day time is the best part of the weekend with the excitement of it all to come and it’s the same when it comes to Christmas. Christmas Eve has us all in fever pitch with excitement and it’s the best feeling ever. So that we […]

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Just Call Us The Von Trapps!

This week has mainly been spent running the routine of normal life with a few little gems thrown in to make life worth living. Not big things, they rarely float my boat as much as the tiny bits, but little moments of lovlieness making the dark mornings and early evenings much more bearable. The things which have made me smile: The school photos have been ordered and I love them, the children have (mainly) been getting on well, Florence’s dance […]

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Proper Pickle Sandwiches – English Provender!

I love pickle. I love it so much that I have with all sorts of food most people wouldn’t but I think it’s hereditory because my family also do the same! I like all sorts of pickles, onion pickles, dill pickles, pickle pickles… I lke them smooth, small chunk and chunky… I’m not that picky about pickles I just like them! Like I said, I have them with lots of different types of food, not just your regular ‘Ploughman’s’ and […]

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Christmas With Children In London – Top Ten Things To Do And See!

I absolutely love Christmas in London. The lights, the glamour, the atmosphere… It’s a truly wonderful time of the year to visit our Capital City and even when we move we shall be coming back to do our favourite festive activities. From amazing theatre trips to ice skating, London has it all on offer and with something for every budget you just can’t go wrong. It took me a while to whitte down my top ten favourites but here they […]

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SKATE At Somerset House With Fortnum And Mason – 2015!

We love SKATE at Somerset House, It’s our absolute favourite ice skating rink in the whole of London because not only is it set in the most beautiful of surroundings (urr, hellooo, Somerset House people) but it caters for the whole family. From disco nights for the youngsters and romantic evenings for the couples to offering family time (including for the really tiny tots) for us with small children – it’s just perfect! They’ve thought of everything and we have […]

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Sands Alive – Review!

You’ve probably see on my blog that I have a competition to #WinChristmas running with my fellow #SantasLittleHelpers ModernMummy, FamilyFourFun and MummyEndeavours. We ave loads of prizes amounting to over £2K and they will all go to one lucky winner who will have Christmas absolutely sorted! You can enter the competition if you click here. John Adams have given us quite a few of the prizes in the bundle and one of them is a set of their Sands Alive which […]

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Win Two Tickets For The Foodies Christmas Festival At The Truman Brewery!

We love the Foodies Festival here at Rocknrollerbaby HQ. Many a summer day has been spent indulging at one of their lovely London events and last Christmas, when we attended their festiva festival, we had a great time there too! A short walk down Brick Lane takes you to the Truman Brewery, home of the festival for all things yummy at Christmas, and with a friend and our boys we had a deliciously festive day trying lots of new nibbly […]

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Win A Family Ticket To Peppa Pig’s Surprise!

How would you like to win a family ticket to the fourth Peppa Pig Touring Production this festive season? Just as the lull of Christmas blues start to hit, you and your fmily could be off to see the brand new show from the pig they call Peppa and this time with life sized puppets! Peppa’s CHRISTMAS WEST END SEASON runs from 18th DECEMBER – 17th JANUARY and I have one family ticket (a family ticket is for 4 people, minimum 1 […]

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Gangland East London!

Yesterday I had to make two 999 calls within a 12 hour period. One at 04.03 when a gang of kids were trying to break into my property and the second at 15.28 when my children, my friends children, other kids from the school and I were caught up in gang warfare on our way home from school. The Police seemed not to care. In March last year I wrote an article about my feelings on a gangland killing in the […]

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