Lottoland – What Would YOU Do If You Won?!

When I can’t sleep I don’t count sheep. How boring is that? Instead I spend those hours of tossing and turning, trying to get some slumber before the alarm clock goes off (when I will inevitably find I don’t have ANY problems with the old shut eye) working out what I’d do with a lottery win. First I think about a modest (but still life changing) win, there’s no point in going in too low eh and I dream of […]

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Free Katsu at Yo! For Half Term!

HALF TERM KATSU HAPPINESS! This half term Yo! are treating kids to a free Katsu. Enjoy crispy pieces of juicy chicken or tofu katsu in a mild curry sauce… the perfect bite for mini ninjas!   Every Tues to Friday until 4th Nov, you can get a free Chicken Katsu Curry or Tofu Katsu Curry for your family when dining at Yo! How good is that?! The rules are any big (we’re all kids at heart) or little kid can claim a free dish at participating restaurants (one dish […]

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Scott Campbell Limited Edition ‘Inked’ Hennessy Bottle At!

After making an order on Friday afternoon I had a special delievery arrive less than 24 hours later and just in time for a special evening with one of our closest and oldest pals. We had Jonny’s best mate and his little girl staying with us so of course this meant late night sitting around the table talking about music while we eat good food and sip even better drinks. A 31Dover order was obviously in the offing then and I […]

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Natura Siberica Skin Care!

I have to admit that I love to treat myself with cosmetics and skin care products. I’m probably a bit of an addict and although my purchases are not as frequent as they were pre-children I do like to still splash out when I can. There are some brands and products that I have used for years and I try to keep my buying to those because I figure the less I try will be the less I will want […]

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Parka Time From Nutmeg!

It’s nearly Halloween, can you believe that? Where does the time go? One minute we were splashing about on the beach in Cromer and the next we seem to be sailing fast and furiously towards Christmas… Aside from the fact that time moves far too quickly I totally embrace the winter because I adore ‘wrap up warm’ fashion. It’s sad to say goodbye to the sun for another year but I’m so ready for my black tights and boots and […]

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Halloween Squash Soup Recipe – Lidl Surprises!

I think the slogan is ‘Lidl Surprises’ and I have to say that when shopping in Lidl today, I was actually very surprised. I got some absolute beautied for the week including 30 day matured rump steak (under a fiver), mini cucumbers to munch on (£1.29) and some fresh cakes and bread from the insotre bakery at an absolute snip. I also bought myself some seasonal squash to make hearty Halloween soup with and not only do they look beautiful […]

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Mobiliser From Back In Action – A Powerful Spinal Joint Mobilisation System!

I have been suffering with a bad knee for about a year and a half now. It’s sometimes better than others but a lot of the time is excruciatingly painful. I really don’t use the word ‘excruciating’ lightly and please remember when I do, that I have given birth without the use of drugs. Twice. And it was a walk in the park… Painful yes but totally manageable. Sometimes I feel that my knee pain really isn’t. It started siezing up […]

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Mamma Mia (We Wanna Go Again) – London’s West End Review!

I lived in London for a very long time and went to see a great deal of theatre while there but one show I never quite managed to go to was Mamma Mia. I’m not sure why because surely it’s one of the most famous and long running the west end has seen but alas, we never went. I know the music, of course I do! Who isn’t an ABBA fan after all and once you start singing those songs, well, […]

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The Stokke Tripp Trapp For Older Children – Review!

I went to the launch of the Stokke shop at Marylebone store ‘Back In Action‘ a couple of week’s ago and absolutely loved hearing all about the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. It was desinged by a man called Peter Opsvik many years ago and has been loved by parents ever since but what I hadn’t fully realised was that this chair is actually designed with your baby’s posture in mind and created to totally look after their little backs. It […]

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Introduced To PlayStation!

My first games console was a Spectrum, do you remember those? They took tapes which after about 2 hours of whirring and squeaking would allow you to play a game of Manic Miner until it froze and you had to start the process again. Gosh those were the days – huh! We thought it was pretty amazing a few years later when consoles like the Sega Master System and SNES came out. 8 bit graphics and endless rounds of Sonic […]

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