The Easter Holidays!

Ah I am so grumpy that the Easter holidays are over! How quickly does time fly when you’re having fun? We got to do something pretty much every single day marred only slightly by a couple of sick bugs which didn’t last long thankfully and didn’t stop us in our tracks for too many hours! We visited all our fave haunts like BeWILDerwood and Cromer, swam, ate out and spent time with some of our most favourite people and generally […]

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Time With Friends!

I was looking at something which came up on my Facebook Time Hop this week and realised that basically, I won the friendship lottery! In this picture that popped up on my time line I was sat with 5 of my very best pals and I realised that they are just a few of the people I can call besties. HOW great is that?! I love the fact that I have friends from my childhood, friends from my teens, people […]

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Babe The Sheep Pig – Theatre Tour 2017 – Review!

When we moved back to Norfolk a year ago I had lots of worries about how we would entertain ourselves. As an actress the theatre is a very important thing for me to make sure my children are acquainted and we have always taken advantage of the mega offerings in our capital; I worried that Norfolk might not be up to the standard we have grown to expect? And while it’s true we don’t have as much going on theatre […]

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Pregnancy Diary – 15 Week’s Pregnant!

So… I am 15 week’s pregnant as I write, truth be told I’m 15 and a half week’s pregnant and finally the time seems to not be standing so still. I wouldn’t say it’s marching on but it’s definitely not dragging like it was and that might have something to do with the fact I am no longer feeling so sick. I do still get the odd wave of nausea but on the whole I am back to normal – […]

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Pizza Express Spring/Summer Menu 2017 – Review!

Another season brings another menu to Pizza Express and with a visit from Modern Mummy and her gang coinciding with the new spring and summer delights how could we resist a visit?! They are, after all, our Pizza Express buddies and rarely do we have a rendesvous without a trip to our fave restaurant. Together we’ve been all over visiting different ones but last night took us to one of my families fave venues on St Benedicts in Norwich. It’s […]

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Strong Women!

Finally all the P.R to promote a good body image seems to be working and as the mother of a daughter I couldn’t be happier. When I was younger, from about 14 up, I was very aware of how I looked and how I wanted to look and although I am sure this is a fact which hasn’t changed for girls, the way they want their bodies to be these days seems to be vastly different to when I was […]

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The Perfect Family Day Out!

I adore filling up our days with family trips; be they close to home or further away I am never more in my element than keeping the kids entertained with fun things to do and because we are such frequent day trippers I have a few top tips up my sleeve for that perfect family day out. The key to a great, hassle free trip is to plan and prepare to make sure that you get the absolute most for […]

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Three Is The Magic Number!

This week I made a little announcement on my social media channels… It was just to say that THREE IS THE MAGIC NUMBER! My little lovelies (who both had THE most amazing school reports by the way – yep, EVEN Jimmy – HIGH FIVE’S) wanted to be the ones to break the news so here they are saying that we are about to become a family with three kidorinas come the first week of October! So we announced our happy […]

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