Colief Breathe Easy Patches – Review!

It was rather fortuitous last week when I was sent some Colief Breathe Easy Patches because within 24 hours of them arriving on my doormat both kids basically succumbed to a cold which left them unable to even sleep because of either the coughing or their bunged up noses. Poor little sausages! Jimmy coughed so much it actually made him sick and as the school has the 48 hour rule on that shizzle he ended up staying at home on Monday so that he […]

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Spring Gin Cucumber Cooler With The One Gin From 31Dover!

I’ve been waiting for a really long time to get some sunshine drinks (what with being pregnant all last summer) so don’t let the current weather make you think I’m going to wait any longer! The spring equinox has been and gone so with or without any actual sunshine poking through the clouds (and let’s face it, it has occasionally showed its face) the spring for my drinking cabinet has well and truly sprung! This month I’ve been taste testing […]

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Mr Tod’s Lair At Willows Farm Open For Their Easter Eggstravaganza!

We are long time fans of Willows Farm in Hertfordshire and would make regular trips when we lived in East London, a 45 minute car ride away. Now that we are in Norfolk we tend not to visit quite so frequently but we do absolutely still go and there are a few points during the year that we never want to miss a visit. Willows go all out for different pin pointed celebrations and Christmas is our first ‘never miss’ while the […]

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Geomags Mechanics And Geomags Panels Review With Panels Competition!

For as long as I can remember Jimmy has been obsessed with construction and building things. I remember when he was quite a lot younger going to the top of the BT Tower (get us) and while Florence and I marvelled at the views and hoovered up the amazing food (it was a pretty swish party), Jimmy lay on the floor just where the join sat that rotated the floor around. He just looked and looked and looked at it […]

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The Diono Quantum Classic Travel System Pushchair – A Review!

If you’ve been watching my Instagram Stories over the past few weeks then you’ll have seen us out and about with our new set of wheels, the new Quantum Classic from Diono. This is an all in one travel system buggy which comes with practically everything you need all in one purchase. So often with buggies now and you only get the mere basics, while the extras (I’m not just talking the cup holder here but the bassinet, an integral part as […]

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The Skip*Hop Explore And More Foldaway Jumper – Review!

When we had the older two we lived in a small flat in London where we actually really didn’t have enough room to swing a cat! So much so that Bollo the beast cat had to go on permanent sabbatical to my Mum’s house so that we didn’t have to worry about him (there was slightly more to it than simply not having enough room, he didn’t get his nick name The Beast from nowhere)! And lots of fun things […]

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Chocolate, Celebrities, Fashion, London, Women, Mothers and Me – A Fun Week!

Since moving out of the big smoke two year’s ago I find myself in town about once a week still. Totally more often than I’d have imagined when I was crying salty tears all over Leytonstone thinking a move to the countryside of Norfolk was going to be the biggest disaster ever! As it goes it’s actually turned out to be pretty great (no more tears) and with my Mum on hand here (this is where we grew up we […]

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The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 – Review!

Hands down one of the best gadgets I have ever found for the kids is the Vivofit Jr 2 by Garmin. Now I’m not one for gadgets in general but I love using my own step counter, a Fit Bit, and the kids have long been asking me if they can have one of their own. While an adult fitness watch probably isn’t quite right for kids and cheap step counters tend to break I’ve been reluctant to get them one; […]

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I Always Want To Be On The Arse End Of An NHS Waiting List!

Today is the third day in a row that I have cried. I’ve cried a lot over the last two weeks but today the crying was relief. The other days worry. The relief came today after Jimmy went for a scan on his knee and had a good result. The worry that came before it was the not knowing what the results would be and working myself up with panic. He’d been saying his leg hurt for weeks and complaining […]

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Dearest Raffie – You Are 5 Months Old!

5 months really?! But it’s like you’ve been here forever my darling and we just don’t remember (or want to) what life was like before you came. You are doing so many things now, laughing and I really feel that you talk to me even though the rest of the world would probably think me mad for suggesting it! You don’t roll over yet, I don’t put you down much to give you a chance, but you LOVE to play […]

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