Hello Fresh V Gousto V DIY!

Hello Fresh V Gousto V DIY! That’s the question right?! I really wasn’t going to write about this, had no intention in fact and certainly wasn’t asked or paid to by either company but I’ve been so bowled over by using these meal kits that I just had to write about them. They have changed the way we eat for the better and that’s not just because the food is good, it’s also been kind to our pocket believe it […]

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Simply Swim!

Simply Swim is a company specialising in providing all the finest items you need for a family swim! If you follow me then you’ll know that we are big pool dwellers, HUGE in fact and as members of our local Holiday Inn Spirit Health Club we aim to go with the kids at least once a week while I tend to go at least another three times with my Mum. It’s the perfect exercise to have with a tiny baby […]

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Heard Of Campingaz?!

Heard Of Campingaz?! We camp a lot in the fairer weather (I’m no Bear Grylls) and this summer we’re looking forward to lots of sunny weekends away by the cost in our Coleman tent. We got it last year and it has black out bedrooms which are PERFECT with children. I’ve never known Jimmy sleep so well or for so long as when he’s in this tent and the only thing which doesn’t make it perfect for us now is that […]

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Dearest Raffie – You Are 7 Months Old!

Dearest Raffie, 7 months and you are such a little super star! I can see you will be determined and gentle like your sister and cheeky and happy like your brother. Your personality gets more interesting every day and you are just so much happier now that you’ve mastered the art of rolling from your back onto your front! You can also sit unaided (mostly) and you are trying lots of foods. You seem to really like a puree if […]

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Yellow Zebra Safaris!

Yellow Zebra Safaris wasn’t a company I had on my radar until I was invited to a little party in London to get to know them better. If I’m honest safaris in general let alone a holiday company specialising in the luxury versions of them was quite far from my mind. We have three small children, we wouldn’t take them on safari… Would we?! Erm… Actually the answer would have been no before the party but now it’s a big fat […]

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Happy Birthday Jimmy – You’re SIX!

Happy Birthday Jimmy – You’re SIX! I’ve literally just drawn breath after all the celebrating we’ve done and it’s almost a week since your actual birthday! If this is what six is like then man you’re a party animal! Jimmy you are amazing at 6! I think you are unique in everything you do with this really great little sense of humour. I adore how quirky you make life with your brilliant comments and bright personality! You are amazing at […]

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