Dress Your Age?!

Dress Your Age?!

I seem to be an in-betweener when it comes to fashion at the moment. I’m neither old and yet nor am I young, so what should I be wearing? Should, could, would?! I mean, I have literally spent so much of my life worrying about what I CAN wear because by my way of thinking aged 19, weighing in at 6 and a half stone, denying myself any food most of all the time AND my way of thinking aged 40, post third baby and weighing more than I ever have in my life, I’ve been too fat for everything. I’ve never been kind to myself about the way I look, until now. And, now that now I’ve reached levels of comfort in my own body (I am no longer emaciated and nor am I fat) I’m finding whole new levels to worry about and the main cause for concern is that I’m dressing appropriately for my age! Am I?! I’ve literally no idea!

My Mum was horrified when I bought some leather look trousers recently…

Dressed down! (Boots are Aimilita’s from Dr Marten – they only sell the fur lined ones in winter but you can buy non fur lined right now and the cardigan is from George at Asda!)
And up! (Shoes are old Carvella, shirt was in the Monsoon sale and the sunglasses are Bvlgari!)

The Coated Skinny Jeans are from Next (£26), which when discussing their suitability with a mate gave the deciding factor that they MUST be for me. I’d not have shopped in Next as a tween, teen or even twenty something so the fashion Gods have spoken and leather/wet look jeans are for women in their 40s. Probably! Well that’s the angle I’m going for anyway!

By contrast, Florence was equally as horrified as my Mum was about the leather look jeans when I bought a skirt from Seasalt Cornwall (the Pebble Drop Seersucker Skirt – £65), but in the other direction. She said it’s too old for me! Cant win!

Florence does NOT like this Seasalt Cornwall skirt matched with the cap sleeved orange T (£7.50) from Next, or anything else from there by all accounts. I, on the other hand, love it! (Shoes are Ledella from Clarks who no longer make this style – who knows why as they were ace and I have them in multiple colours – but you can still get them in some on line shops!)

She said my new skirt is frumpy and mumsy like. So my Mum thinks I’m mutton and my daughter says I have no idea whatsoever but clearly doesn’t think I’m totally past it just yet – which is good, because I am not! I love the skirt though!

I even got the matching top! Florence dislikes that even more than the skirt! (Stipple Shore Checked Top from Seasalt Cornwall – £52.95!)

Florence looks at me rather witheringly with her resting tween face any time I mention anything to do with clothes. In fact, fashion, and shopping (unless of course it’s along the lines of “I’ll pay” when at the check out) are not something she associates with me at all, but now that I’m happy with my size, bigger than I have been as an adult and smaller too (I’m a size 10) and actually feel I WANT to wear nice clothes (rather than my “winter uniform” and “summer uniform” as she’s called my choices in recent years for I’d wear the same things over and over if I felt good in them and they didn’t show too many unsightly bulges), I am really enjoying buying them.

It’s not Just Florence and my Mum who have ideas about what a woman my age should be wearing though and that’s what put this new niggle in my head. Society in general is so dismissive of middle aged women and yet we are attractive, bright, fun and at this point in our lives we have more money than we have had so actually, we should be the ones everyone is appealing to. Yet the messages we are given are that we should be dressing for our age – judgement given on if something is too old for us or too young. But… What IS for my age then?! For us inbetweeners it’s all a bit grey! So, I’ve decided in that case, it just has to be wearing whatever I like! And if other people don’t like it well, who cares?!

Why should we care what anyone else thinks? This dress is the Frill Sleeve Dress from the girl’s department in Next – £21 in age 16! Shoes are Clarks Ledellas again!

If my arse looks good in leather look pants then that’s what I’m wearing. If I fancy a seersucker flowy skirt, then that too! I’ve realised 40 isn’t flailing about in the midden of middle age but it is, in fact, a beautiful time whereby I can wear anything my heart desires (as long as my rear end doesn’t look disastrous in it)! A beautiful moment, if you will, of expressionism and exhibitionism that I am revelling in. I don’t actually give a monkeys what anyone thinks of me with anything else so if I’m too old, or, actually, if I’m too young, whatever. I’m wearing it. All. As I like it!

I thought I’d show you what I’ve been buying in my fashion splurges – including some items from the kid’s department like I mentioned. In Next as they go up to age 16 – 26 years too young for me then – and I reckon age 16 must be about a size 10 as it fits me. Cheaper dresses that fit, in the kids department? Oh yes please and thank you very much!

Oh I do love this dress! Florence wouldn’t wear it if I paid her so who says it’s for kids?!
It comes in three different patterns, I got two of them – love this bright pink! Clogs are Lotta From Stockholm!
This dress was in the Monsoon sale and the Clogs are again, Lotta From Stockholm!
This Nobody’s Child Dress was in the M&S sale but they didn’t have my size so I went on the Nobody’s Child website and found it there even cheaper – bonus! It’s great with high boots, DMs as is here and indeed a pair of heels – a really versatile dress in a style they repeat often in different patterns!
Love my Oliver Bonas corduroy dungarees, a sale purchase. They look great with my Dr Marten’s Patent Boots!
I love them with that Monsoon shirt I got in the sale and the boots are from the Monsoon sale too!
I loved a 90s boot cut and back then, in the actual 90s, Diesel were my faves – these are D-Ebbey (£150) and I’m reliving my youth by wearing them!
Levi 725s (£100) are similar but not as long or flarey and they have a higher rise – I prefer the Diesels ones but these are a very different fit and I needed both, an indulgence I couldn’t have afforded in the actual 90s! I’m wearing both jeans here with a batwing jumper from Tezenis (old) and very old knee high boots from Clarks!
Traditionally I’m not really a regular jeans wearer all that often so a third pair added to my small collection seemed excessive but they were about a fiver in the Marks and Spencer sale for these balloon fit jeans. I bought a size 12 as they weren’t very generous!
Super strangely, from the same ethical denim range at M&S I got this skirt in the sale for about a fiver too and it’s a size 6. How one can be a size 6 AND a 12 from the same range is beyond me, naughty M&S! I’m wearing both the jeans and the skirt with my patent DMs and the signature peacock Ragyard jumper!
This coat was gifted to me from Lands End and is the light stone multi colour block women’s squall raincoat (£145 but with mega discounts on their site right now)!
I flipping LOVE it and its half fleece lining making it super warm!
And to finish, that frumpsome skirt and top again (which obviously I don’t think is frumsome at all)! I love it together and the top also looks nice with jeans. I’ve teamed it here with an old Jocasi belt and some shoes my Mum bought for my aunt and uncle’s wedding over three decades ago – thrify!

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