First Impressions Count – Choose Foil Business Cards!

First Impressions Count – Choose Foil Business Cards!

First impressions count, it’s one of the best lessons you’ll ever learn for a personal level but implement the philosophy to your business and you’re already half way to being successful. We’ve all been there, seen or heard something we’re not keen on and it’s immediately turned us off before we’ve even begun, or, on the other side of the coin been met with a warm welcome and been tuned in from the off. When it comes to business cards, often the very first port of call for collaborating on work with a client, and that little piece of card with all your details is way more than just a token to gift someone your contact details.

Most markets are pretty saturated you see, you are often one tiny fish in a pool of lots of other swimmers so to make yourself stand out is always key. As a writer I’ve always been taught that the way you package up your work, to be seen for the first time, actually counts more than the words on the page. Arrive in a boring brown envelope and risk being left on the side while all the other, more exciting packages get looked at first. And, by the time your little envelope finally gets opened, the offers have already been given to someone else. So, the advice then is to stand out. Deliver wrapped in a bow, deliver in a box which pops open, put some thought into it, make your work be the one they remember before they’ve even seen what you’re capable of because if you were capable of being the first one the eye was drawn to – then you’re already winning. Of course what’s inside counts, but it’s being seen which puts you ahead of the game.

So, in a room full of everyone fighting for the same thing you’re going to need your business cards to come from Aura Print! Foil business card which look incredible and immediately make your eyes draw to the content. They’re really something special which is exactly the first impression you want everyone to have of you, and your business. Whatever that business is.

Ordering an Aura Print sample pack will gift you the entire collection to peruse and find the right card, design and font for you. As you can see even from the pictures they are a cut above and this is the exact way I want people to see me, before they know me and know that what I will deliver them will also be just that. You can spend time telling people but a very real visual is the single best way you can introduce someone to the importance of what YOU can offer THEM! It’s a hand shake worth investing in as with all the best will in the world, if you don’t make a statement you’ll be lost in that massive pool swimming along side everyone else and very easily you could be overlooked.

I’m really bowled over by foil business cards from Aura Print. There are lots of ways we work these days which don’t require hands on, face to face impressions but still we do need introductions and this is a brilliant way of making your introduction be the one people remember – that’s what we want!

Aura Print are a unique offering for your business, they promise a fast turnaround with real people working to make their own products be that first impression on you that you want for others and their reviews speak for themselves! Their customers say:

Fantastic Service!” “Printing service I have not been able to find anywhere else!” “Thank you for the attention and wonderful customer service.” “Customer for life.” “Helpful back and forth dialogue.

And what’s most impressive about their reviews is the one I could find with a problem. You see, when someone makes a mistake, which is human and happens to all of us, it’s always about the way the issues are dealt with which really pick someone out to stand out whether good, or bad. Bad and it’ll break you, good and it’s always going to make you. As humans too, we can always forgive when something is rectified well and it goes a long way to know how someone deals with a problem. My friend is a teacher and says she has a board in her room where all the “mistakes” go up for all to see and to be celebrated because if you’re not making mistakes you’re not learning and if you don’t ever make a mistake then that’s not getting any better. I read one review on Aura Print when I was deciding who to use for my own business cards which read:

An error was made and the order was short I got in touch and the team sorted it almost immediately and new prints were sent out. Super customer service and great product!” (FIVE STARS)!

It’s good to know that when the going gets tough these guys are on it, it kind of means more than all the other fabulous five star reviews out together and it certainly sealed the deal for me!


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