Peter Rabbit At Orchard Toys!

Peter Rabbit At Orchard Toys!

You know that we’re massive fans of all things Orchard Toys in our house and what’s more, even the big kids will still happily play along with the little ones when these much loved toys and puzzles come out. We’ve a rather extensive collection so we never get bored and we have our favourites of course but we LOVE it when Orchard release new things for us to try for the first time too. They’re really good at that actually, and seasonally they bring out lovely, brightly coloured and most importantly, affordable games for children to play with. The games are educational as well as fun and because they really know kids, there’s something to suit ages across the board! Plus, not only are they local to us but they are ethical to boot and this Easter they’ve brought out some of their tried and trusted faves like “Egg Surpise” (a super duperly priced matching game) and, for extra pizazz, have joined forces with Peter Rabbit to bring a new collection of games to the fold!

Lucky Posie got to have a road test with the Peter Rabbit 4-in-a-box puzzles set, the Fish and Count game and her favourite “Don’t Wake Mr. McGregor” game which she’s asked to play so many times even though she doesn’t really understand how to properly play yet. She’s sort of made her own way of doing it!

Another fantastic collection from Orchard Toys, as if we’d expect anything less, and to coincide with the launch of it for easter they have a Peter Rabbit trail running for the Easter break in Chantry Place, Norwich! The trail will run inside the mall from Sunday the 24th of March until Sunday the 14th of April, it’s free to take part and you could even win a prize! Orchard Toys also have a GIANT Peter Rabbit floor garden maze on the ground floor that you can join in with and have a play!


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