The Tartan Blanket Company Kids Blankets!

The Tartan Blanket Company Kids Blankets!

This time last year The Tartan Blanket Company very kindly gifted Posie one of their baby blankets with her name embroidered onto it as a personalisation. Oh we love that blanket and still use it all the time! It’s something to keep forever as it is so beautiful and special as well as practical and though it is light in colour it has never needed washing as because of the lambs wool material, it wipes clean very easily. Sort, gorgeous and it keeps her warm when she needs to be toasty and is still comforting yet doesn’t make her hot and bothersome when the weather is warmer. A timeless piece of beauty!

This is the Tartan Blanket Company Baby Blanket in Lilac Candy Stripe (£45)!

A year on, after I bought two blankets from The Tartan Blanket Company as Christmas gifts, and lucky Posie has been gifted another of their beautiful blankets, this time for their new collection for kids. Not too small and not too big, they are just right for tiny tots and again this is a thing of beauty – something to keep forever and uniquely hers, like her baby blanket, as it has her name on it!

This time she has the kid’s blanket in Sorbet Gingham (£70) and the colours compliment her other baby blanket perfectly so that they can be used together!

I honestly can’t think of a better gift for a new Mummy and her baby, these blankets will far outlive any baby grows and I can imagine this being something Posie will have in her home when she is an old lady, with all the history she will have enveloped into the wool over the years, hers since she was tiny and for always. How special is that!

She uses it to play on the beach, a little snuggler to keep her from the sand and stones!
Such a cosy and soft lambs wool for her to sit on!
A fabulous “peekaboo” vehicle!
And something to keep her warm, or cool, depending on the weather as she sleeps!

Posie is the softest, cuddliest baby with the softest, cuddliest blanket to wrap up in!

The lambswool is as soft and inviting as it looks being the highest quality sheep’s wool after a lamb’s first shearing meaning the fibres are smoother, stronger and hold more elasticity than any other wool. The strands of wool generate air pockets that retain heat while repelling moisture meaning just like the lamb they looked after, they will keep little ones warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot. How clever to be naturally insulating and breathable as well as hypoallergenic!

I also find the blankets are wipe clean for most things with any dirt sort of sitting on the top of the fibres. They’re very practical and gorgeous to boot. I will be buying these for friend’s who have babies in the future, of course! The most gorgeous!


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