Wroxham Barns Lambing Live For February Half Term 2023!

Wroxham Barns Lambing Live For February Half Term 2023!

Wroxham Barns have pulled it out the bag yet again for this half term with a lambing event which saw us get to see a baby lamb actually being born! Now, I can’t guarantee that’s what you’ll get if you pop along for an all inclusive day out by the broads but… I’d say you stand a VERY good chance!

Their maternity ewe-nit is filled to the brim with sheep about to drop and once they’ve had their lambs they move to the nursery just next door – so I can 100% guarantee that you will get to see some gorgeous, fluffy new-borns if nothing else!

Gosh what a wonderful place Wroxham barns has grown into! It’s always been great but right now it feels like it’s just the best it’s ever been with the rides of the fun park, crazy golf, water bomb station, go-karts, bouncing pillow and play areas all included in the ticket price. Farm side and there’s indoor soft play to compliment the animals and so, so much more every single school holiday! This place builds and builds, gets better and better and I’ve no doubt it will continue to do so, so watch this space for the next big announcement because there’s bound to be something new to shout about soon!

Currently, for the lambing live week, tickets are priced at £13.50 for anyone over the age of two. Regularly during the week they offer fiver days out on offer and as well as regular farm fun, in the summer you can even book inclusive camping and fun experience tickets which are always mega great value for money. We visited friends on the camp site last year and they were having a tremendous time with the children able to access all the facilities for free for the whole weekend as well as enjoy some specially put on for the campers fun too.

Wroxham Barns, when Florence was tiny, was a small farm which was fun but there were a lot of add ons to the day with each ride being a paid for affair, these days it’s all singing, all dancing and frankly, it’s cheaper than it was ten years ago so you can’t say fairer than that now can you?!

We loved it this half term, as always!

A great time was had by all!
Meeting up with friends!
Picnic lunches – always!
The biggest kid of them all!
Water bombs!
Lots of fun!
Always smiling!
And playing!
We had a great day!

We were invited as guests of the farm.

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