Florence Says!

Florence says amazing things! The older she gets the more fabulous our conversations are and when she tells me she loves me, which she does all the time, it makes my heart swell, literally swell! I love everything she says from the constant ‘Mummy?’ with a questioning tone to the ‘I don’t know what I wanted to say’ when she’s run out of things to chat about but doesn’t want the conversation to end. She IS a chatterbox, just like […]

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A Fairytale Of A Day!

Reading, what a pleasure! Imagine if you couldn’t? How many doors would be closed to you and how much enjoyment, pure and simple enjoyment, would be missed out on? I love to read and I love my children to read too. We have many, many books in this house and we read together every single evening, just as my parents did with me. We also like to make up our own stories. Sometimes I will start them off and Florence […]

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Just ASK!

Italian restaurants are our favoured choice of venue when dining out as a family. Pizza and pasta is great for children and we of course like it too – who doesn’t? It’s just fabulous to dine as a family, something we rarely get to do at home due to a lack of dining table space, so going out for a meal is important to us. We simply require a friendly atmosphere, no pretentions, understanding of flying food with cutlery dropping […]

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3 for 2 At Bewilderwood This Half Term!

We went to Bewilderwood a couple of weeks ago and we had the best day out! We’ve been before so we knew we would have a good time but this place just seems to get better and better! It is so much fun – read my review and you’ll see why! We decided that because we had such a good day we would go back in half term and now the thought is EVEN more appealing because they are running […]

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#BeeInTheCity – Choose Your Pieces!

I love the game of Monopoly and always have done! When Jonny and I were first together we used to play it all the time, we don’t really get a chance these days but it’ll always be one of my favourites! I love whizzing around a cardboard London buying properties and being declared the victor at the end! (Oh I don’t play for fun, always to win!) Well, I still whizz around London today of course but for real now! […]

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Coming Soon – 342 at Kiddicare!

I always remember going to a cocktail bar with Jonny where he picked up the menu, looked very surprised then said ‘They must be awesome at cocktails here, they have three hundred and forty two to choose from!’… ‘3 for 2 you dope’ I said! ‘Yes’, he looked at me like I was a bit slow, ‘That’s what I said, three hundred and forty two’! It went on a bit but he eventually caught on and it’s one of those […]

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The Fat Truth!

I drafted this post about fat children and then that flaming Katie Hopkins had yet another rant on TV about the very same subject. I can’t stand her, she’s so very rude and idiotic in lots of her opinions but… Some of the things she says and I can totally understand. There are lots of fat children around and just as Katie says, behind the fat child is often a fat adult… When we were on our holiday last week […]

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Cuddle UpPets!

What do you get if you cross a cuddly blanket with a cute puppet? CuddleUpPets! That’s what! Brought to you by Flair, the same company that makes the famously popular SungglePets are these fabulously fun blankets which not only serve a purpose in our cold winter months but also provide a bit of fun and a lovely toy too! For this season Flair have brought out two new faces to the collection! Purple Monkey and Magical White Unicorn! We were sent the […]

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Little Tikes On The Move!

I’ve mentioned a few times that we love the Little Tikes Cosy Coupe! My brother’s had one when they were little and now my children have one too! Those things were built to last you know and even retro ones like my brother’s are still around and being used today so it’s really a bit of an investment toy! We’ve got a few different Little Tikes toys now and we’ve never been disappointed! Jimmy’s trike is fab, he’s happy to […]

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It’s Getting Steamy!

I’m a Vax Mummy! Did I tell you? A Mummy Ambassador for the range! I’ve reviewed quite a few Vax products in the past and being a bit of a cleaning nut I’ve always been rather keen when they’ve asked me. I was super keen then when they gave me a shiny new badge for my blog and made me a blogging representative for it of course means more lovely Vax reviews! One of my favourite types of cleaning (yep, […]

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