Dear Matilda Mae…

My friend’s baby died. I can’t say it any differently, any more delicately or make it any more palatable than that because it isn’t any different, it isn’t any more delicate and it certainly isn’t palatable in any way. My friend’s baby died. My friend’s baby was called Matilda Mae and she so very sadly passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on February 2nd last year from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Now, very almost a year on from that most tragic […]

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1950’s Wife? Not Me!

My husband thinks (when brave enough to voice it) that when he gets home from work all the washing up should be done, the food should at least be starting to cook and the children should be suitably worn out. (Suitably worn out means so tired that they fall into bed come bed time but not so tired out that they become overly so, thus irritable!) He says it all with a tongue in his cheek mostly but actually, sometimes […]

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Britain’s Best Blanket Fort Competition!

Have children? Then you’ll be familiar in the art of blanket fort making I would imagine! What child doesn’t like building dens to play in? Sure you could buy a Wendy House but it’s never as much fun as grabbing all the blankets and cushions to make a really special hideaway all of your very own doing? I remember loving it as a child myself and I can’t help but get excited about helping my own children make one even […]

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory – The Musical!

For the past couple of weeks, ever since we found out we were going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the West End, we have been reading the Roald Dhal book to Florence. It’s not just her who has been utterly rapt every evening at story time as I have been very eager to read what happens next myself – and I already know the ending of course because I was read this exact same story when I […]

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Wok A Stirfry – Singapore Noodles For A Happy Chinese New Year!

Whenever my friend Denise invites me round for something to eat I know I’m in for a real treat. She cooks beautifully and truly is the hostess with the mostess! Even when our babies were tiny and the rest of us struggled to even brush our hair, Denise would invite us all round to her house for a yummy home cooked lunch! Not only is she a terrific cook in general but Denise knows how to cook proper Chinese food! […]

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Baby Steps To Big Steps!

Today I went to see the new Stokke Chair, ‘Steps’, which has launched only this week! We liked it! Jimmy liked it A LOT! Jimmy trying out the new Steps chair by Stokke! I haven’t talked much about Stokke on my blog before, mainly because I’ve just not used any of their products. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them because who couldn’t like some of the things which carry the Stokke name, I just haven’t bought anything to date […]

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#BeeInTheCity – Getting The Game Wrong!

Yesterday I decided to go into town and continue with my game of Bugaboo Monopoly using my Bugaboo Bee! #BeeInTheCity is my little project where I am aiming to take my lovely little happy Bugs Warhol hooded buggy around all the stops on the London Monopoly board. My friend and fellow blogger Emily from Family Four Fun joined me with her Bee and we rolled our dice hoping to hit some of the top spots… But yesterday was not my […]

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The Silver Cross Reflex Launch!

Last night I was on line and saw lots of uncomplimentary comments about the new Silver Cross stroller, the Reflex. I thought that was a bit strange really? The Reflex was only launched yesterday and all these people had commented negatively on the basis of the pictures they’d seen. Personally I thought the pictures were pretty lovely but perhaps they didn’t do it justice? I was actually at the launch party and the stroller, I can tell you from personal […]

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Roasted Red Pepper, Sweet Potato and Spinach Lasagne Recipe!

It’s great to have something hearty for supper in the winter time to warm your cockles! Casseroles, roast dinners, stews and big chunky soups spring to mind. I always assume meat will be used for a dish of this ilk but despite not being a veggie I’m rather fond of meat free food and I make a vegetarian lasagne which ticks all the boxes and is meaty in substance if not ingredients! My Roasted Red Pepper, Sweet Potato and Spinach […]

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ChillFactor Ice Cream Maker!

A while back we reviewed the ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker which makes instant iced slushies at the squeeze of the cup! Seriouly, it’s really good, check our my review if you want to see for yourself! Following on from the success of the slushy maker ChillFactor have just brought out a brand new product and this time, using the same principles, you can make your own ice cream! I give you the ChillFactor Ice Cream Maker! We were very […]

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