Colic Help!

When I had Florence I had no idea what colic was. Not a clue. Then suddenly, as she got worse and worse in the evenings with crying and seeming to be in pain, the word colic became pretty familiar! She would start at about 6pm and cry, cry, cry until midnight… sometimes later… There was literally nothing I could do to soothe her and ultimately for those first couple of weeks, I would end up crying with her not knowing […]

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Octonauts And The Deep Sea Adventure – Coming Soon!

A couple of Florence’s friends are heavily into the CBeebies show Octonauts but Florence is absolutely not. She tried to watch it once, I think wanting to enjoy it because he pals do, but admitted half way though it’s just not for her. I think a lack of anything girlie is simply not her bag and she thinks of it as a ‘boys programme’ even though she knows girls who love it… C’est las vis and each to their own! […]

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CBeebies Live! The Big Band – A Review!

This weekend just gone CBeebies Live! The Big Band had its stint in London as part of its Easter tour around the country. We were lucky enough to get to see it yesterday morning and it was AWESOME! Even Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy, who had said it was one of the things he was least looking forward to over the break (spoil sport) had a fantastic time and came away saying what a fab show it was! A clever story line […]

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Sweetpea Pantry – Healthy, Honest and Easy Baking!

So… I think we’ve established in previous posts that baking is NOT my forte. I CAN do it, take a look at this little post from last week where I successfully managed to make iced Easter biscuits for the teachers. However, the same post will tell you how I broke two mixing bowls and almost started a house fire doing it, not to mention the fact it took me ALL day! But Florence loves to bake and I think it’s […]

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A Sainsbury’s Easter!

I love the fact that you can get all you need for any sort of party just in the supermarkets these days! There’s really no need to shop around or spend ages doing it because you can guarantee the best prices and quality all under one roof – it certainly takes a lot of hassle away from things! Take Easter for example; we go all out for it because Florence just loves it all and i love to see her […]

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Fancy A Giraffe For Lunch?!

You might have noticed, if you’ve stopped by before, that we’re rather fond of dining out in the Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby household! I am no fabulous cook myself (although I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve) but that doesn’t mean I don’t love food and dining out with family and friends is one of my favourite pleasures! However, not all restaurants are child friendly so I do like to find the ones which are! Of course […]

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On The Farm With Shaun The Sheep – Literally!

I’m running a competition to win the new Shaun The Sheep DVD ‘Spring Cleaning’ on my blog at the moment. You can enter here! I can absolutely assure you it is well worth a watch! We were sent a copy and we love it, in fact, as I type it is on the television and both Florence and Jimmy are giggling away! On Saturday the people from Shaun The Sheep treated us to even more Shaun fun and invited us […]

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Bewilderwood At Easter!

We love this little gem of a place in Norfolk called BeWILDerwood. I’ve written about it loads as it really is one of the most fantastic, magical and special days out we know about! It’s a children’s adventure park set in a big woods and based around the book ‘A Boggle At BeWILDerwood’ by local children’s author Tom Blofeld. The characters from the book including of course the Boggles, Twiggles and Mildred the Crocklebog are all very much in residence […]

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Easter Eggstravaga At Willows!

Well… It’s the first day of the Easter holidays and typically we have a poorly one! Poor old Florence has a temperature, sore head, ear ache and a pain in her tummy. So today, is going to have to be a duvet day… Florence and Jimmy snuggled up ready for a day of films! Today, unfortunately, will not include hunting for Easter Eggs at Willows Farm and joining in with their Easter Eggstravaganza but it doesn’t matter because the farm […]

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WIN A Shaun The Sheep ‘Spring Cleaning’ DVD!

We’ve been super lucky and had a sneak peek of the new Shaun The Sheep DVD, ‘Spring Cleaning’, to be released on 7th April just in time for the Easter holidays! We have been loving the DVD and enjoying all of little Shaun’s antics on Mossy Bottom Farm with the bigger sheep and the oh so cute baby lamb who spits his dummy out frequently much to our delight at watching! The episodes are pure genius in every way, from […]

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