The Easter Eggstravaganza At Willows Farm!

I wrote at the beginning of the holidays how looking forward to visiting Willow Farm for their Easter Eggstravaganza we were! We went this weekend and had a brilliant time as predicted with lots of fun, laughter and Easter treats if not an awful lot of sunshine! Look at some of the fun we had! Feeding the animals! Going on rides! Playing in the massive soft play area! Easter egg hunting and show watching! The Eggstravaganza is on at the farm […]

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A Day Out In Greenwich With Pizza, Farms, Boats And Theatre!

I simply adore London but never more so than in the sunshine. London comes alive in the summer and with so many wonderful things to see and do outside it lends itself to a warmer climate beautifully! It’s a myth that children don’t see fresh air and fields if they live in the City because here in London we do have the best of both worlds and this weekend we took a trip to one of my fave areas to […]

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Pirate Gran!

I absolutely love going to the theatre with the children (you might have guessed)! I love the fact that I can introduce them to something I am so fond of at such young ages and I feel very lucky that we have such excellent children’s theatre in this country in order to do so! There’s one production company which is a cut above everyone else and when I see a show has Scamp Theatre behind it I can pretty much […]

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Mrs McMoon!

On Thursday last week we were treated to a most beautiful piece of children’s theatre! Not beautiful in the sense of peace and tranquility, far from it, but beauty because it was simply one of the most entertaining and fun things my children and I have been to see. We loved it so much we are hoping to book again when its tour hits Norwich and we will be staying with my Mum! ‘Mrs McMoon‘, aimed at 3-6 year olds […]

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#HoorayForHappyLand And Your 40th Birthday!

To celebrate the Mothercare and Early Learning Centre HappyLand toy collection’s birthday we have joined in with their blogger competition to make a story board using all of our characters! HappyLand turns 40 this year, WOW! Hope you enjoy our story and join us in saying Happy Birthday to them and #HoorayForHappyLand! THE END! This is an entry to the #HoorayForHappyLand birthday challenge.

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#BeeInTheCity? Yes! Really!

Ok, so technically not on the Monopoly board which I’m mainly concentrating my #BeeInTheCity project on by physically going around the board, but I just HAD to post about this! People think if you are in London that you can’t possibly have the best of both worlds and have green open space as well! I say those people are wrong! Can you REALLY #BeeInTheCity AND be on the farm with rolling fields? Yes, yes you can! We took a trip […]

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We Started Right With Startrite!

Both my children’s first shoes were from Startrite. They have very narrow feet and Startrite have always fit them really well and they’ve always looked lovely too. I adore the first shoes with their soft soles and because Florence’s feet were so tiny for so long she wore these until she was about two because no one made proper shoes that were small enough! It doesn’t seem very long ago to me that she was wearing them and it was […]

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Cherish Your Loved Ones!

Earlier this week I over heard a friend thanking her daughter for a lovely day. It’s something I do actually do often myself. I genuinely am thankful to my children for lovely days spent with them but I realised I hadn’t said it for a couple of weeks so I made a point of doing so. In a week which has seen a young celebrity Mother pass away and leave two babies behind her, I found it even more important […]

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Bunny Jump For Easter!

We’re off to the farm today for some Easter fun with Daddy ahead of next weekend when he has to work! It’s an excellent farm and really gets into the spirit of each holiday. We will have bunny jumping and egg hunting as well as getting to see all the baby animals who’ve arrived for spring and fingers crossed for some sunshine, it should be a lovely day! There WILL be chocolate. There always is when it comes to Easter […]

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A Day In Town With Friends, Theatre And Cake!

We had a day in central London yesterday, a lovely sunny day with Alice from An Essex Wife, her brood and some of her friends. We started the day off at a small preview of the new show coming to the New London Theatre, Elephantom! A children’s play using puppets and fun taken from the popular story book by Ross Collins. The puppetry is astounding and not surprising when you find out it’s been worked on by some of the […]

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