Haven Holiday Take Three!

We’re were Haven holiday ambassadors in 2013 and as such we went to Rockley Park in Dorset last June for our first caravan experience as a family. We had a lovely time and enjoyed it so much that we booked another holiday for last October when we went to the ever so cold but lots of fun Haven holiday park in Caister. We were thrilled to be chosen as ambassadors again for this year and are looking forward to our […]

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Eggs And Soldiers In My TumTum!

My children are called Florence Mary Ladybird and Jimmy Buster Bumblebee. Unusual perhaps but I think they’re gorgeous names (of course) and I love the fact that there are lots of beautiful ladybird and bumblebee products on the market for me to buy them to go with their names! I don’t buy everything but if I see something particularly lovely then it’s very hard not to! TumTum is a range of feeding products for children and they often feature both […]

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Home Made Burritos With Polenta Chips!

I was set a challenge by Sainsbury’s to create a special dish, something I’ve never made before, using three ingredients of their choice and anything else I liked… Not being the world’s most accomplished chef I found this a tricky prospect but at the same time was very keen to give it my best shot. So here goes, here’s what I made! I absolutely love Mexican food but have never made it without using a packet containing all but the […]

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Disney On Ice Is Mesmerising!

We were invited to see a performance of Disney On Ice – Worlds Of Fantasy and for the past month or so have been having a count-down to the big day! We have been beyond excited looking forward to it and when I say we, I really do mean that! Since ‘Frozen’ and the obsession which has taken over viewing and listening in our house since about November, I have kind of just been caught up in the magic! Sorry, […]

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Rubbish With Character!

I have to admit I have rather a lot of bug bears. I’m just one of those grumbly, moany people at times I suppose but I think everyone would have to agree with me on this one as it really is so utterly infuriatingly irritating! In fact, because I KNOW any normal parent would feel exactly the same way, I just can’t understand why something hasn’t been done about this yet… Those darn awful character bins is what I’m talking […]

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Warner Bros Mums!

We had a fabulous invitation this week to go and visit Warner Bros House in Central London, check out their amazing office space complete with private cinema, play with some toys and computer games and even get to watch some of the new Warner Bros releases! When we arrived the children were immediately bowled over by the giant statue of Batman in the foyer and their excitement began to whip! Florence spotted a face painter and before she even entered […]

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Dazzle In Claire’s For Winter!

Back at Christmas time we went to a preview of what summer had to offer from high street treasure trove Claire’s Stores! We had a magnificent day and Florence in particular had loads of fun! We still talk about it and Claire’s has become one of the shops my little consumer simply doesn’t want to walk past when out shopping. She really is a little shopper and loves to peruse shelves in shops like Lush and The Disney Store and […]

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