Chi Kitchen London – Restaurant Review!

After a theatre visit with my friend this weekend we dined in the gorgeous Chi Kitchen which is based on the ground floor of Debenhams on Oxford Street. It’s actually tucked away right at the side and back meaning it doesn’t feel like it’s inside a department store on the busiest shopping street in jot and with views down the side street looking over the rich folk of our capital city as they meander home to their fab pads, it has […]

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Pregnancy Diary – 20 Week’s Pregnant!

20 weeks pregnant and half way at last! Well, actually, as I write I am 21 week’s today and this means I am totally over the hump. It still does feel a long way off though and getting through summer and then going back to school AFTER the holidays has to happen first. Why does this make it sound extra long to me? I suppose things have got a little bit easier and I had a good solid 5 weeks […]

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Buggy Days Again – The Stokke Xplory Athleisure Is My Top Choice!

I love buggies, I always have! And even as a little girl being in my own buggy I had very strong opinions on what a buggy should look like and which one I wanted. I actually disliked the buggy my Mum used very much and instead hankered after an umbrella fold with curly handles… She never bought one… I LOVED being in my buggy and pram and I actually remember it very clearly; especially the day my blanket fell out of the […]

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We Have Some Exciting Camp Bestival News!

A week or so ago I wrote a post about all the things we are looking forward to for Camp Bestival 2017. I also gave you my toppest Cam-B tips for if you’re a first timer because the first time I went I could have been so much more prepared… We have our little ways and means now as we’ve been going for a few years and along the way have picked up what’s important to plan for and what […]

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#TeenTalk With Gabby Logan And Boots!

It’s been five years since I last gave birth and I would imagine this time around the questions will be different coming from my older children. We’ve already had the ‘yes but HOW did the baby get in there’ Q&A session and I am sure there will be more to come. Back when Jimmy was tiny and Florence was only two and a half we had questions too of course but they were less sophisticated. She saw some blood when […]

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Summer At Mothercare 2017!

So tomorrow I am off to the press preview for Mothercare’s Autumn/Winter ranges 2017. Seems funny that in real life we are just starting to hope for some sunshine and in the media world we’re already planning Christmas but hey, that’s how it goes and i’m so used to it now. It wasn’t that long ago that I was attending the preview for the Mothercare summer ranges for this year and of course I fell head over heels for their Little […]

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Elizabeth Grant From Ideal World!

This pregnancy I have not been graced with ‘the glow’… It’s come as a bit of a shock because in my previous two pregnancies my hair, nails and skin were amazing, better than they ever have been before in fact, but this time! Oh this time has been quite the antithesis! Not only has my skin looked so dry it appears I have even more wrinkles than normal (SO not good) but to boot and add insult to injury I […]

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