Movie Night With Toy Story And Thinkway Toys!

Do you remember the first time you watched Toy Story? I was with Jonny in his shared house and we watched it on the HUGE video player that was about the same size as his T.V. This was about 6 years after its 1995 release so I was late to the party and not particularly interested but… Of course, like the rest of us, I fell in love with the story, the toys and everything which absolutely was intended to go […]

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Making Your Money Work For You!

As you may have noticed from previous posts, I’m a leftie when it comes to politics and as for the Brexit vote, well… I certainly didn’t contribute to the fact we now have to leave the E.U. I was a firm ‘remainer’ and I wrote a post about my feelings at the time… Not that it did much good of course. The fact that we are now leaving the European Union worries me on lots of levels. Financially being the […]

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Pregnancy Diary – 24 Week’s Pregnant!

24 week’s pregnant and I have to say time is dragging. Maybe because this is my third pregnancy and I am just totally done with being pregnant now or perhaps because I am super impatient but this seems to be the longest pregnancy ever! Friends keep saying how quickly it’s going but they want to be the one saying ‘no thanks’ every time a Pimms is offered… Yes, I am feeling very grumbly about the fact it’s sunny and I […]

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Lay Down, I Think I Love You – With Aldi!

Jonny bought me a bag once with a label inside which read ‘Lay down, I think I love you’! I thought that was really cute. And cool… It gave me the idea for the name of this blog post which is all about bedding and although these days, these pregnant days at any rate, a command of ‘lay down’ really does just mean I need to lay down… I still want pretty divine sheets to do so in! We had […]

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Project-B – A Little Bit of Luxury For Pregnant Mamas!

This pregnancy is my third so probably the least indulgent. First time around I still had only myself to look after and could take all the time in the world doing things for myself. When I was pregnant with Jimmy things weren’t so easy with a toddling Florence to entertain and look after and this time, well… With two other children let’s just say the pregnancy has to take a back burner. It doesn’t really matter that I felt sick […]

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Saving Time With Bidvine!

Time is not something I have a tremendous amount of at the moment. I can only imagine when the baby comes it will deplete even more so I am trying to get myself organised and into a routine right now so that in a few month’s time everything transitions with our new family member as easily as it can. I’m thinking about ordering my supermarket groceries to be delivered (have never done this before) and lots of other little bits […]

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Bush Baby World!

Every year I attend an event called Dream Toys which showcases the toys the industry believe will be the MASSIVE sellers every year for Christmas. They usually get it spot on but I have to say I often have my own suspicions which have been proven right way before the toy retailer’s association makes their announcements. We all remember those toys which were the hits when we were kids and it’s going to be the same for our little ones. […]

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May Half Term 2017!

We had such a fantastic time over half term, it really felt like we were on holiday even though we stayed right here at home! The sun shone pretty much every day, we went to the beach (Cromer of course), saw friends from London, saw friends from home, visited some of our fave places like Gressenhall and basically just had an amazing week together. I always feel super sad when it’s time for the children to go back to school. […]

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The Girls Musical – London’s West End Review!

This time last week it was a gloriously sunny day and I was off to London with my pal to see Gary Barlow and Tim Firth’s new show, The Girls Musical. Based on the play and subsequent film written by Tim, his childhood pal Gary came on board to write some tunes as they turned this fantastic story, show and film into something spectacular for the West End stage and this was about as much as I knew of the musical […]

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Education Quizzes – Home Learning While Having Fun!

Yesterday morning, as Taylor Swift was once again shaking it off (blasting from Florence’s iPad), Florence uttered those inevitable words (at 6am in half term, before anyone else was even remotely ready to make the day work) ‘I’m bored’ and then I remembered that we have this great new app I wanted her to play with – a few more moments of peace could be bought perhaps? I smartly input the website address for Education Quizzes, logged her in and sent her on […]

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