#BeeInTheCity – Original Rolling Into New!

This week we’ve been staying with my Mum in Norwich for half term. I don’t bring my buggy with me when we come to stay as my Original Bugaboo Bee is here for me to use when I need it. I loved it when I bought it for when Florence was born and I still love it now. What’s not to love? It’s stylish and pushes just as smoothly as it always did with the only maintenance needed being some […]

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The Best Steam Cleaner Yet!

I am a Vax Mummy which means I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Vax products for my blog! I love to review products which help with the home and have a whole page dedicated to household products. Call me sad but I love to clean too so the Vax reviews are just up my street! I am not however, a massive fan of new fangled gadgetry. Obviously I have the obvious things like a vacuum cleaner, […]

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Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Piggy Bank!

One of the first proper toys that Florence played with was the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Piggy Bank. My Mum bought it for her as she was very interested in posting things inside something else and the pig has 10 coins which post inside the piggy just like a money box! To accompany every coin posted you can set the pig to count them for you out loud or instead choose for it to sing songs. The piggy […]

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My Mum’s Garden Today!

I’ve been out in my Mum’s garden this morning to photograph how beautiful it looks. Today is meant to be ‘the great storm day’ and while it is certainly wind swept out there I’m not sure I’d consider it quite the stormy brew we were promised in the weather reports! In one respect it’s a shame as I think my Mum’s garden would look very dramatic under those conditions but with dew drops and ever hopeful to ripen fruit it […]

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Spilly Spoon!

When we were at the Baby Show Emily from family Four Fun directed us to the Spilly Spoon stand, She has reviewed one in the past and she told me that they are absolutely superb, she keeps it in her bed side table at all times so invaluable did she find it! The Spilly Spoon is basically a spoon to administer baby medicine but it promises to not spill and be easy to use… Sounds good! I never give Florence […]

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Teska In Space!

What would you say to a puppy being sent into space? Oh no! Doesn’t that sound too terrible? What would you say if you could see a video of it and the puppy loved it and landed safely? Take a look! Ok, so it wasn’t exactly a real puppy but it was Teska, the robotic puppy! Doesn’t sound too terrible after all does it? In fact sounds really cool! Is really cool! I saw Teska in July at a Christmas […]

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Cool It Innocent!

Every household with someone over the age of 60 is entitled to help with their heating and will receive a winter fuel allowance. They don’t all need it of course as some are still working and others are in a perfectly capable financial position but I’m happy with that. If it’s means tested then some people who do need it will slip through the net and it’s far easier and safer to keep it the way it is ensuring those […]

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