The Belle Dress Of Belle Dresses Rubies And Harrods Exclusive!

My school uniform came exclusively from Harrods and I remember thinking at the time how special that was! I went to the famous store with my Mum, only once, to buy my skirt (x1), blazer (x1 and in such a huge arm length it’s STILL too big) and shirts (I think my Mum allowed 3). It was very expensive but extremely exciting both to be in THAT store and to be buying something hardly anyone else could… I went to […]

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When Natalie from Style Me Sunday asked me if I would take part in her Warrior Woman 3 campaign, FIERCE, I immediately said yes. YES! Emphatically YES! Because I wanted to get naked with a bunch of super cool and good looking media-ites then have my picture taken? Yeah, I REALLY wanted to be in THAT situation… I’m THAT confident? Nope… In fact, the exact opposite. Natalie is gorgeous. And SO self-assured in her skin. She oozes this body confidence that […]

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Top Luxury Interior Design Trends for 2017

If you’re planning to redecorate your home this year, follow the latest luxury interior design trends for 2017 for a beautiful home that can’t fail to impress your visitors. Here’s a look at some of the biggest trends that you’ll find in luxury homes across the country in 2017 with photos courtesy of 1st Option locations. Brass Brass is the metal of choice for 2017. While last year you could not step inside a building without coming across copper, brass […]

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Holiday Gems With Flying Tiger Copenhagen!

Going away on holiday with a pair of small children is never as easy to pack for as back in the day when ‘me’ was all I had to think about… Of course for Jonny nothing has changed. He packs himself enough pants, shorts, a pair of flip flops and a few other bits and bobs, takes a strange proprietorial ownership of documents, passports and money and then literally that is it. For him. For me and it’s not quite […]

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Smart Buy Sunlasses For The Tribe!

I always think it’s well worth investing in decent sunglasses with decent lenses. Some of the cheapy plastic ones might look the biz but actually do they protect your eyes properly and protection aside, DO they stop you from squinting?  There;s only one thing worse than crow’s feet and that’s a tan line around them so that they are bright white and highlighted even more! I think when it comes to the kids we can so easily be swayed into […]

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Love The Sales With Maternity!

I’ve said it before but I always feel when it’s a service this good then it’s absolutely worth saying again, I LOVE! This is the best way of fashion shopping for a mum that I can think of and incorporates every element of buying new clothes that I enjoy! Bargains? CHECK! Easy? CHECK! Stuff I love? CHECK! Basically you input all of your search criteria into their box. So your size, style, colour etc and then it brings up […]

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Rocknrollerbaby Travels To… Majorca With James Villas!

A few months ago my Mum decided to book us all on a family holiday for June. We had been looking forward to revisiting the villa complex that we regularly holiday at in Portugal and were a little bit gutted to find that this year, they are closed for a refurb. We had a quick think and decided that we really did want to go away somewhere anyway and didn’t want to wait until next year for our regular haunt […]

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Worldeez Surprise Globes – Twitter Party & Prize Fun – Be There Or Be Round Like A Globe!

Today is the official launch day of brand new pocket money fodder collectibles, The Worldeez! They are l\ayer upon layer of 120 different characters to collect including limited edition Worldeez wows! Season 1 will feature eight countries from around the world with 1120 fact cards from Brazil, Egypt, France, India, Italy, Japan, UK and USA and we just KNOW they’re gonna be the next BIG thang! The product range includes a two pack globe which fits into the palm of […]

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