Car Breakdown Problems You Might Face When In Singapore

Car Breakdown Problems You Might Face When In Singapore Problems Your Car Might Face Car breakdowns are bound to happen one day, as such, it is good to know about the various car breakdown problems that could occur so that you would know how to best react if put in such a situation. Head on over to the car inspection center to diagnose any problems your car might have. We have a list here for you and what you can […]

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Lockdown #3 Diary – Week 3!

Lockdown #3 Diary – Week 3! It’s still feeling a little bit like ground hog day with the weather not being very pleasant but we are definitely getting more into the groove of home school and being at home all day during this winter lockdown. It’s not as fun as the first summer time one because being couped up in the house during grey days isn’t QUITE as enticing but we can cope. It’s hard to find motivation to DO […]

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Get Treated – Norfolk Cake Delivery!

Get Treated – Norfolk Cake Delivery! On New Year’s Eve Florence was very kindly gifted some cakes for her birthday from local to us in Norfolk delivery service Get Treated. Wow were we impressed, so much so that we have since become firm customers and ordered more because, well, once you’ve tasted them it’s very hard not to keep going back! Home made deliciousness boxed up amongst fresh fruit, chocolates and sweeties and the Get Treated grazing boxes were immediately […]

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Prioritising Safety In The Family Home

Prioritising Safety In The Family Home There are a lot of things that you might want to try and keep on top of when you have a family to look after. But one of the main ones is always going to be keeping your family as safe as possible. If you can do that, it is going to mean that everyone is healthier, happier and has a longer life, and that is obviously something to aim for in any case. […]

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That Conversation With Mom During COVID-19

That Conversation With Mom During COVID-19 It’s heartbreaking for families to self-isolate during lockdown. A lot of children have not been able to see their grandparents for several weeks, or even longer if the grandparents are vulnerable individuals. Hopefully, we can expect the covid-19 vaccine rollout will be able to bring us together again without putting anyone at risk.  But in the meantime, you’ve probably had that awkward conversation with your parents. What if I die before I can see […]

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6 Best Known Tips on Buying Babywear Online

6 Best Known Tips on Buying Babywear Online When shopping for baby clothes online, you need to make sure that your baby will be safe and comfortable in a particular outfit. Excitements do come when choosing clothes for your baby with so many brands, styles, and fabrics of baby attires in the market. As a parent, it is essential to do proper research concerning sites that sells baby outfits to ensure the right quality clothes that will not react to […]

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Lockdown #3 Diary – Week Two!

Lockdown #3 Diary – Week Two! Second week and we are getting a little bit more into an equilibrium. I remember it took a couple of weeks to adjust last time and we absolutely loved it in the end with all the family time so I’m trying to focus on that and try to recreate a similar atmosphere. We’ve re-established P.E with Joe Wicks although not every day, been out for family walks and tried our hardest to embrace a […]

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37 Weeks Pregnant – Full Term!

37 Weeks Pregnant – Full Term! Well it’s been a long time coming this full term malarkey and not knowing if I’d get here or not due to my low hormone level has been worrying but here I am, I’ve been pregnant in my whole life for a total of 3 years, and I’m done. Baby, you can come any time now please! I have put on a bit of weight but not anywhere near as much as usual and […]

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Signs You Should Get A Dog

Signs You Should Get A Dog Getting a dog is a massive commitment and one which should never be taken lightly. However, there may come a time in your life where you think that getting your first pet is the right call.  Since the pandemic hit, a lot of people have adopted pets and sadly a lot of people have abandoned them again – and this is why you need to know the signs that you are actually ready to […]

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Lockdown #3 Diary – Week One!

Lockdown #3 Diary – Week One! Here we are again, back in lockdown and writing a diary of it. They say that this is the third lockdown as technically we had one in the middle but really and truly, with restaurants, pubs and schools all open it wasn’t much of a lockdown, more of the government expecting more than people would be able to find themselves giving without firm rules. I’m not criticising, I think we probably became quite lax […]

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