Daisy London Rings!

Daisy London Rings!

When choosing a piece of jewellery with Daisy London, either for yourself or as a gift to a special someone, you are choosing more than beautiful jewellery. You’re choosing good values and sustainability as at the forefront, after their designs of course, with Daisy London, is a pledge to be as carbon positive as they possibly can be by tripling the amount of carbon they generate as a company. The pieces are beautiful, stunning items to last a lifetime and invoke much admiration but the important elements to making their business eco friendly are the cherry on the cake when choosing to be their customer.

  1. Daisy London will only use 100% recycled 925 sterling silver, with 18ct Gold Plating for their gold pieces. They will never compromise on this.
  2. For every item purchased, Daisy x 4ocean remove 10 small plastic bottles from the oceans.
  3. Daisy London packaging is made with FSC certified materials which can be reused, recycled and repurposed. They also offer a choice of less packaging at the checkout so that you can make an even more eco friendly choice if the situation suits.
  4. They have a fully traceable supply chain with their suppliers, craftspeople and Responsible Jewellery Council certified factories.

“We’ve always been a conscious brand, challenging ourselves to do better. I’m so proud that we’re now offsetting three times the amount of carbon that we generate.” – Ruth Bewsey, Daisy Creative Director and co-founder.

So, that’s the important info but how about the jewellery I hear you cry? It’s all very well that they’ve good morals but are the pieces beautiful? Can I buy them for a special present? Would I want to wear them myself?

Well, I have to say in answer that it’s a hattrick of yeses!

I’ve been sent a couple of designs from their ring collections and they’re absolutely stunning. What I especially liked when choosing my pieces was that my nearly teenage daughter and I both agreed. There are certain elements when it comes to fashion that we do seem to agree on and while make-up and jeans are not them, shoes (who doesn’t love Docs?) and jewellery can very much make us likeminded. Not always but on this occasion we absolutely agreed and both had our eyes caught by the Isla Shell Stacking Ring which we both chose in the recycled silver with 18ct Gold Plate.

Being the beach bums that we are, the surfer girl that she is especially, we are both always drawn to things from the sea with shells being prime in our choices for lots of things but especially jewellery. We both love this ring and will wear it together a lot although I suspect Florence will stack it (as it is intended) with lots of other rings and look fabulous as she does!

Sizes run, as with all the rings, from XS (J) to XL (S) and this piece costs £49 making it a very affordable present with a lot of wow factor.

I was extremely lucky and also got to choose myself a second ring, the Daisy London Beloved Bold Moonstone Band Ring (£199) which again is 18ct Gold Plate with that recycled silver. This ring does have other gemstones to choose with the design but I can never resist a moonstone, indeed I even have one in my wedding ring with the diamonds. This is gorgeous and cut in such a way that it’s both milky and sparkling.

Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings and I liked this piece for its chunky, yet delicate qualities mirroring the opposite qualities the stone offers, although I couldn’t tell from the picture that the stone would offer those. It’s a very pretty piece which can be worn alone or with other stacking rings and either way will afford a gentle aesthetic. (Also available in silver).

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, making a purchase from Daisy London means you will be offered complimentary gift wrapping so that your piece arrives ready to be passed to someone special, for a special occasion, looking as beautifully wrapped as can be, but of course, you can also choose to not have the box, the drawer string bag or the gift bag if this is a gift from yourself to yourself just because. By not choosing to have the gift wrap packaging you ensure your purchase is even more carbon neutral than Daisy London already invests their eco ethos into.

All pieces come with a 1 year warranty and free delivery.

P.S, Do check out The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover for more things that sparkle!


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