Rocknrollerbaby Travels To… Center Parcs In Elveden Forest!

A while back I gave Florence the option of a big birthday party or a trip away somewhere instead as I figured the two actually do end up costing about the same! She jumped at the chance to go away choosing (only second to Disney Land which I pointed out would be the same cost as about a hundred birthday parties) Center Parcs as her vay-cay of choice and once the decision was made some friends also jumped in on […]

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Launching The Baby Bjorn Carrier One And Carrier One Air!

I wrote recently about the brand spanking new BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One which we have been using with Raffie and LOVING – to say that it saved our Christmas lunch sounds a bit dramatic but it definitely made it more pleasant with everyone able to sit down and eat together (the baby did NOT want to be put down) and it made me fall in love with baby wearing all over again. I think I’d forgotten what a pleasurable experience […]

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The Stokke Xplory Carry Cot – Review!

I’ve written about the Stokke Xplory many times over the past few years and using my V4 with Jimmy all over London was a total pleasure! I loved how he was so high up that he felt on my level just as much as he loved being able to see everything from such a fabulous vantage point and the buggy has many, many plus points! I have such fond memories of using this buggy with Jimmy but we didn’t get it until he […]

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The Don’t Call Me Chicken Piggy Tower Burger – Rustlers Chicken Burger Hack!

Busy parents often feel guilty about serving up a quick meal and it’s not surprising when the media like to put the pressure on and make us all feel less than adequate while berating us for our imperfections (remember fish finger gate and the Daily Fail?)! Well, I think us blogging mums showed them didn’t we because if you DO remember yesterday’s fish and chip wrapper then you will also (and far more likely regardless) remember the hashtag #SolidariTea! Our […]

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Dearest Raffie – You Are Three Months Old!

Dearest Raffie, You are three months old and we have completed our fourth trimester. I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone but that’s because we’ve been having so much fun. You are such a smiler and so lovely to be with. I’d wondered when I was pregnant if I would mind not having any time to myself but I honestly don’t! I can’t think of a better way to spend my days than with you! You are beginning […]

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Seeing The Light!

I love my bedroom, it’s right at the top of my house in our loft conversion and absolutely filled with light. We had the walls painted a brilliant white and to match, most of the furniture is white too. It’s my big, bright space for sleeping and getting ready. The room is the entire expanse of the house with one half being the bedroom and the other, all open plan, a dressing area with a separate bathroom attached. It reminds […]

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The Be You Baby Carrier One By Baby Bjorn – Review!

I remember getting my first sling when Florence was tiny and it literally revolutionised my life at the time. I became a baby wearer instantly because it suddenly meant I could do everything I needed to do (nothing exciting, I’m talking hoovering here) and I didn’t have to put her down. Being put down was not something Florence was very keen on! I wore her outside too of course, I could often be seen pushing my empty buggy while I […]

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