Draper James Nightwear At Lands End!

Draper James Nightwear At Lands End!

Have you heard of Draper James? It’s the Reese Witherspoon designed collection at Lands End and I was lucky enough to be sent some of the new nightwear collection to try for myself. New to Lands End as a shopper I found myself sucked into a bit of a vortex perusing their many ranges and had to pull myself back to the DJ collection after a massive rabbit hole. They sell so many lovely things you see, the Draper James collection is no exception, it’s like a little slice of self care!

Lands End say they honour the comfort of home with soft, cosy sleep essentials for everyone and I loved the feel of the fabric when it arrived as much as I was keen on the prints when looking on line. Ditsy florals are perfect for me, they just look so like Jessica Lange dancing around the farm house kitchen in one of my favourite movies, Tootsie and really conjured up that feel.

I chose the cotton night shirt as it looked great for breast feeding with its buttons around the neckline and it also looked like a fab length. I like to have a bit of room in my sleep but I also like to feel like I’m covered, does that make sense? I often go for pyjamas but actually a nightdress, especially when the fabric is 100% cotton, is far more comfortable. The night shirt has a stand collar and shirt-tail hem. It looks really classy and I love the little flowers though there is a check you can opt for instead. I also was gifted a pair of the Shearling Moccasin Slippers which are so soft, warm and comfy that it’s hard to want to put proper shoes on after wearing them – they do have a hard soul so I did wonder if I could make bringing the indoor, out, into a thing. Perhaps not…

Wearing a size 10/12 I’d say it’s just right for me with a little give so that I can stretch about in the night and then I’d also say it looks smart enough to be wearing on Christmas morning with the relatives over – no one wants to be in grotty old pyjamas when other people will see you. This is something really very special. And I’m sure the slippers peak for themselves in comfort. They are quite narrow which is great for me as often everything is too wide but because they are soft and natural sheepskin they will mould to any foot so I’d always buy something made of this fabric a bit snug – as I said, they are super warm!

And when it comes to practicality… I mentioned I’m breast feeding – this also means I’m up and down in the night a lot and this is a great night dress to wear when I’m feeding as well as hopping from bed to bed (there’s a lot of kids in this house and we all seem to play musical beds most nights)!

Definitely a nightdress that would be an excellent present for either Christmas or to a new breast feeding Mummy. I could live in mine if it was socially acceptable to go to the shop in your jim-jams. It’s not by the way, I’ve thought about that long and hard after seeing other people doing it and I can’t land on any other answer – even though it would be lovely – this is a cosy up, indoors, hop into bed and watch a movie night dress, not a pop to Tesco and show the world. I save that for my blog! Hope you like it as much as I do – well done Reese, great collection!

I was gifted the items in this post as part of a collaboration.

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