Roarr! For Easter 2022!

Roarr! For Easter 2022!

Excited for an epic day at Roarr!

Without a doubt Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure in Lenwade, Norfolk (known to many as simply “the dino park”) is one of our favourite days out ever! Raffie loves it so much he’s asked almost every day since his birthday visit in October when we will be going again and this weekend he finally heard the word he’d been waiting for “today”, to much excitement! I’ve actually been planning on buying an annual pass just for me and for him so that we can visit lots and lots this summer before he starts school, and beyond. But we were invited as a family meaning the big kids got to join in for this visit too – which is fab as it really does have something for everyone, all ages being catered for!

Love this gang of mine all playing together – this is what it’s all about!

There are loads of things which all the kiddos enjoy like the outdoor and indoor play areas, the farm and the splash zone (not quite warm enough for that yet though!) and then there are the bits that cater for younger ones (LOVE the Go-Karts and Dippy show the most over in our household) and other areas specifically geared to older kids (hello High Ropes and crazy golf)! Of course that’s not to say these areas can’t cross over and now that Raffie is JUST tall enough for the high ropes he is absolutely thrilled to join his bigger siblings on the adrenalin of the zip wire! They’re all so brave, whenever I do it I get super scared! The High Ropes are excellent and in every other place we visit, attractions like this one are charged at an extra which always makes me say no. The fact EVERYTHING, including them, come within the ticket price is just one of the many reasons I implore families to visit Roarr! You know where you are money wise and that’s worth its weight!

Raffie in his element!
Who loved it most?!
Assault courses are just up Jimmy’s street and we all had a go. Well, not Gram!
Soft play for bigger ones is huge!
The baby soft play for Posie is perfect!
Two of my faves enjoying down time at soft play!
Happy kiddos!
Gram was keen on the donkeys!
The farm – I fully expected a vom-bomb later on but thankfully we didn’t have one!
My climber!
Any dino head will do!

One of the things we enjoy about being at Roarr! is that it’s such a stunning aesthetic. The dinos and equipment doesn’t in the slightest detract from the vista of being there and only enhances a beautiful backdrop. We took my Mum with us on this visit and she hasn’t been for about 30 years so much has changed but what she couldn’t get over was how lovely it is to just wander around. She said she wants to buy herself an annual pass to come with us as she enjoyed the day so much and that’s saying something. She loves Pensthorpe but I’d say my Mum could take or leave most of the days out so to be so inclined to come on a weekly basis, you know this is a nice place to be!

The gorgeous foursome on a foot!
Ice cream time – every day out has to have an ice cream!
Dino trail is always fun – you can’t climb on all the dinos at the moment but there are still plenty of photo opportunities!
Just so pretty!
The water garden!

For this Easter (2nd to 19th of April) there’s lots going on in the park like the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party along the dino trail (this is all being made much more accessible with a new pathway and also much better – there’s loads of new bits being added throughout the park which is exciting) which is as super lovely walk and with that comes some special activities given on a sheet, an Easter Egg hunt to find special prizes and craft activities too! Check out the fun we got up to on my Insta reel!

We had another absolutely tremendous day and very much enjoyed ourselves confirming that yes, I really do need to get that annual pass for me and Raffie. Now this did prove interesting on my Insta stories on the day and I feel it’s only right to write the stuff i don’t like just as much as the stuff I do. The annual pass can only be bought to last for a whole year if you buy it in January. Wherever you buy it in the year it runs out at the same time which is incredibly irritating. They told me it’s still worth it and mentioned the fact the park is closed in January anyway so that kind of means it’s not that bad. But… Of course the park would be closed in January wherever in the year you bought your ticket so that didn’t entirely make sense to me. I agree, £75 is still excellent value even for 8 months instead of 12 but it feels short changing and I completely understand why people told me they don’t want to buy one now. I’m hoping Roarr! might use this info going forwards to inform them of how might be better customer wise when deciding on annual pass/discover pass procedures in the future, I’m sure they will take it on board as ultimately they want us to visit and they want us to have a nice time. This is evident in the new areas and thoughtful touches like the indoor picnic area which was extremely welcome on the cold day we visited as it has heaters and again is a pleasant place to sit with fairy lights. So, for me it is going to be the pass, I just want to visit as much as possible and Raffie starts school this year so this is my last chance to do it with him. £75 is great value, it would just be better if it lasted 12 months whenever you made the outlay, January being quite a tricky money month for most!

Roarr! is great for the whole family!

FYI: Day tickets to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure purchased in advanced cost £19.95 for anyone over 90cm or £9.98 for those with a disability. Roarr! allow carers to go for FREE. You no longer have to book slots for soft play when the park isn’t busy but you do still book a time slot for entry.

Thank you for inviting us Roarr, as you’ve heard, we will be back and VERY soon!

I was invited to Roarr to review.

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