A Holiday With Femme Luxe!

A Holiday With Femme Luxe! I’ve been busy packing for my holiday (UK based of course) and have really enjoyed picking up a few new pieces from the old fave Femme Luxe to take with me. A couple of evening dresses won’t go amiss for dinner out while we have a Grandparenting team to hold the fort and I also got a new top which is perfect for a day-to-night, beach to bar vibe. Of course it WOULD help if […]

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Summer Holidays 2021 – Week One!

Summer Holidays Week One! This first week has been low key and spent outdoors. We didn’t want to risk going inside anywhere and potentially getting pinged to tell us to isolate before we go on holiday to Dorset so we’ve been laying low but enjoying it all the same. We had an extra day off to Daddy who didn’t break up from school until Thursday so we went to my friend Emily’s for some sunshine fun in her garden before […]

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Win A Barrington Watch Winder!

Win A Barrington Watch Winder! I always associate a good quality watch with my Daddy, he loves them and though not a jewellery man he would never be without his time piece. I think his watch looks like a Quality Street toffee penny, at least that’s how I always thought of it when I was a child and for him, his watch is a big part of his identity. I wouldn’t say he’s ever been at the cutting edge of […]

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You Can’t Hug A Photograph!

You Can’t Hug A Photograph! “You can’t hug a photograph”, a line from one of my most favourite films of all time ever, “The Goonies” when Data tells his Daddy that it’s ok his invention doesn’t work, a camera that pops off your body on a spring, just as they’re rescued from the Fratelli’s and before they discover their pot of gold. If you’re an 80s kid you’ll know. If you’ve not seen the film then hurry, rush, find it […]

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Rare Box – A Most Excellent Gift!

Rare Box – A Most Excellent Gift! I shared on my Instagram stories the Rare Box I was sent recently and have been sent so many messages telling me how amazing it looks. I can absolutely, hand on heart, tell you it really is as good as it looks and as far as special presents go, this is something really new, super unusual and also great fun into the bargain. A Rare Box can have various themes (I opted booze […]

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Time for a Change? How to Launch a New Career

Time for a Change? How to Launch a New Career Being a parent often involves putting everyone else’s needs first and your own in last place, usually somewhere behind the pet dog and goldfish. But, once the kids start school full-time, many parents are ready to start changing things up a bit and put a little more focus on themselves. If you put your career on hold to raise tiny humans, you may now feel ready to spend some time […]

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Top Tips to Transform Your Backyard into a Garden Paradise

Top Tips to Transform Your Backyard into a Garden Paradise Many people want to have a beautiful garden in their backyard but do not know what they need to get started. There are many different things you can do when it comes to the design of your garden.  In this blog post, you will learn a few top tips to follow if you want your backyard to be a paradise for plants and animals.  Plant and Divide Divide your garden […]

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Moving Abroad? Millenials Should Think About These First

Moving Abroad? Millenials Should Think About These First Few people haven’t dreamed of moving abroad and living in the sun. There aren’t many who chase this dream, however. There are countless reasons why this could be the case. If you’ve found yourself thinking about it more and more, however, then it could be time to take the plunge. After all, there mightn’t be much holding you back. While you’ll miss family and friends, there’s little else to stop you. You’ll […]

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Last Day Of School 2021!

Last Day Of School 2021! We made it to the end of term without any bubbles bursting (for us) and we are out the other side into the school holidays! Posie just comes along for the ride! Raffie has done really well at nursery always going in without a second glance and just a happy “Bye mummy, you go to the shop with Posie then come and get me!” and off he goes. He’s thrived with his language coming on […]

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How Gardening Can Help You Find Peace of Mind

How Gardening Can Help You Find Peace of Mind Have you ever thought that you may get interested in gardening earlier in your 60s? However, there are many young and middle-aged people who adore gardening and state it’s the best hobby they could even have. Forget about the stereotype that gardening is a kind of job that lets you either sell your own products or eat your own fruits and vegetables instead of buying them in the groceries. Spending time […]

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