Love Rings!

Love Rings! The giving of rings to symbolise love dates back as far as the 16th centrury and is to demonstrate no end. A never ending circle to wear always and celebrate relationships be they promised to one another, betrothed or wed. I had thought myself not too concerned with such tradition when I got married (eleve years ago this month) but over the years it became a point of upset for me that I had declined an engagement ring […]

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LOVEVERY Play Kits! LOVEVERY create the most beautiful toys for children, they are just gorgeous to look at, hold and to play with and while Posie has been adoring her play gym since she was a newborn (she’s now 7 months), Raffie has been utterly mesmerised by the LOVEVERY blocks set which he plays with in an absolute huge variety of ways. I wrote about the play gym when we first started using it here and the blocks, well, I […]

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Wobbel Yoga With The Yoga Feed – Norwich!

Wobbel Yoga With The Yoga Feed! – Norwich Raffie, Posie and I were very lucky getting to experience some new Wobbel Classes run by The Yoga Feed Norwich last term. We had an absolutely brilliant time sampling this wonderful activity I’d not heard of before and Raffie still keeps asking when we are going back, alas the days have changed and clash with nursery for us right now but boy we are keeping our eye open in case that changes. […]

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Piccolo Baby Food!

Piccolo Baby Food! Despite having had four babies now, I wouldn’t say on any level that I’m a weaning expert. I blame my children for this rather than my lack of enthusiasm as frankly I’ve served up extremely tempting fodder over the years and they have all rebuffed most of it. Posie seems to be no exception in her first foray into food and is being incredibly selective, especially when it comes to the spoon. Not keen would be my […]

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Drug Free Pain Relief With Paingone!

Drug Free Pain Relief With Paingone! As I get older I experience more aches and pains in general (don’t we all?!) but have found less desire to treat ailments with drugs. I’ve always been rather reluctant to go in for things like antibiotics without thought or contemplation. I remember my science teacher explaining how the body builds up a resistance to them and knowing that when I have really needed them (like after giving birth with infections), I’ve really needed […]

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Back To School 2021!

Back To School 2021! Well, that’s it, another summer holiday over with me feeling like it just wasn’t long enough. It definitely wasn’t sunny enough (bloody UK weather and no foreign sun) but it was certainly all the fun and my heart hurts that they are all back at school. Although my house may get a much needed clean and tidy and it does mean dedicated time for Posie! Florence started high school (gulp) last week with an induction afternoon […]

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An introduction to Kegel exercises for both men and women

An introduction to Kegel exercises for both men and women The pelvic floor muscles are at an integral position in the human body. They’re often called the “core” muscles. They form the base of the pelvic portion, hosting all the vital reproductive organs. Different layers of tissues and muscles come together into the pelvic floor. Naturally, these muscles control bladder activity. They allow the release or withholding of excretory content. If the sphincters in the pelvic region are weak, the […]

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Summer Holidays 2021 – Week Six (and a bit)!

Summer Holidays 2021 – Week Six (and a bit)! Ridiculous that the last week and a bit of the holidays is over and the kiddos are going back to school. Florence started before the boys and that’s all been wonderful but I’m still focusing on the fab time we’ve had. I’d promised Florence a trip to IKEA before we broke up so when that didn’t happen we tried for the holidays and it took us this long to find a […]

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Dearest Posie – You Are Seven Months Old!

Dearest Posie – You Are Seven Months Old! Dearest Posie, How are you over half a year old already? Impossible because just like your sister and brothers you have only just been born. I’ve been telling Florence that 5 minutes ago she was the same age and just like that she’s off to high school so I know only too well how time goes so fast but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t astound me all the same. Posie looks just […]

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