Party On Mums!

Party On Mums! When you have a baby your body changes not just while your pregnant but it continues to be different to the way it was and finding clothing which suits your new shape and style is often daunting. Heading into the party season and it’s even more of a challenge working out how best to dress to wow and say here I am, ready for the party! This time last year I was quite heavily pregnant and I […]

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Red Letter Days – A Christmas Gift!

Red Letter days – A Christmas Gift! It’s that time of year when we have to get our thinking caps on and buy gifts for those we love and while that is such a joyous thing most of the time, often it can cause such anxiety. But it really doesn’t have to. if you’ve someone tricky to buy for or simply a friend you have no idea where to start on the choosing then I’ve just the plan for you. […]

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Screen time: What is a healthy screen time?

Screen time: What is a healthy screen time? Surfing, listening to music, watching videos, taking photos, and playing games – what don’t we do with our smartphones these days? Secretly, we spend a lot of time behind a screen. And all this time behind a screen is called screen time. How much screen time do you spend and how much of it is healthy for you or your child?  Meaning of screen time Screen time literally means how much time […]

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Draper James Nightwear At Lands End!

Draper James Nightwear At Lands End! Have you heard of Draper James? It’s the Reese Witherspoon designed collection at Lands End and I was lucky enough to be sent some of the new nightwear collection to try for myself. New to Lands End as a shopper I found myself sucked into a bit of a vortex perusing their many ranges and had to pull myself back to the DJ collection after a massive rabbit hole. They sell so many lovely […]

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MY FIRST PANTO 2021: CINDERELLA ROCKS AT THE GARAGE, NORWICH! This morning we were invited to the press performance of Cinderella Rocks at the Garage in Norwich. Cinderella Rocks is the 2021 offering from My First Panto and as always, it’s flipping awesome. All the more awesome of course to be back after the Covid hiatus of 2020 with a massive hurrah that theatre is back in general but an even bigger cheer for children’s theatre to be up and […]

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Let’s Get Musical!

Let’s get Musical! Music brings a wide range of emotions to everyone, young and old and is considered to be a universal language, connecting people all over the world. Children need a variety of activities to stimulate cognitive brainwork, which can be achieved through activities with music.  Simple exercises in finding the beat of a song helps children build motor coordination, develop coordination, and increase sensory development. These can be accomplished by marching along to the beat or clapping hands. […]

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Sadlers Wells The Snowman At The Peacock Theatre, London!

Sadlers Wells The Snowman At The Peacock Theatre, London! A regular fixture on our calendar has been to see Sadlers Wells The Snowman by the Birmingham Repertory Theatre at the Peacock Theatre in London – we missed last year in the 2020 hiatus and though a slower pace of life and festive build up was actually quite worthwhile I found, there were certain things that we really did feel wistful about – Raymond Briggs’ story of The Snowman in ballet […]

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How To Make The Perfect Christmas Shopping List For Your Family

How To Make The Perfect Christmas Shopping List For Your Family Christmas is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year for family and friends to get together and celebrate. However, while Christmas is an extraordinary time of the year, it can also be a stressful time for some. As you are about to embark on your Christmas shopping list, make sure you are armed with all the information you need to make the perfect Christmas shopping list for […]

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Wonderbly Books At Christmas!

Wonderbly Books At Christmas! I wrote about our first taste of Wonderbly books a while back, how impressed we were with what’s far more than a personalised story book, and that we found so many fantastic elements to the gorgeous stories we read. We thoroughly recommended them as they are just so much more interesting than most personalised books which can often be a bit nothing when it comes to the actual content. I’ve found, over the years, when we […]

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Tonie Starter Set For Christmas!

Tonie Starter Set For Christmas! One of the greatest things we can give our children are stories to fall asleep to. Read to them, read with them and teach then to read themselves and they have a whole new world opened up to them through story – reading and being read to is one of the greatest pleasures in life don’t you think? My Daddy is a wonderful story reader, when I was little he would read me books and […]

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